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Versuri Frank Zappa - At the gas station

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[includes last part of Oh No]

Motorhead: I worked in a cheesy newspaper company for a while but that was terrible, I wasn't making
enough money to build anything
Motorhead: And then I worked in a printing company and a coupla gas stations. Oh, at the gas station
where I was working my brother just got married, and uh... he bought a new car and his wife was
having a kid and all this miserable stuff, and he needed a job so I gave him a job at the gas
station of which I was fired because, you know, he was gonna work there. And he had his car on the
rack and he was lubing and changing tires and everything all the time. And so they got fired because
he was goofing off, man, and he just kept taking parts and working on his car day and night. And so
he lost that job and he went to work in another gas station. He took that one, you know, so he could
feed the kids and that. And I went to work in an aircraft company, and uh... I was building these
planes. I worked on the XB-70, I was the last welder on there. Yeah but, it was pretty good bread
because I was making, uh... $2. 71 an hour. I was making a hundred and a quarter a week, and uh...
yeah, it was good enough money to be working on, so I got an Oldsmobile, a groovy Olds. But I was
going with this chick at that time. By the time I got the Olds running decently, she went out and
tore up the engine, and the trans, and a-her and a girlfriend they get in there and booze it up and
tear up the seats. Just ripped the seats completely out. So uh... when, I got a '56 Olds, which was
this one chick's I was going with, and uh... we used to drive out all over the place and finally she
got rid of that, and uh... I got another pickup!

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