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Versuri Frank Zappa - A version of himself

trimise de BybylutzzaBybylutzza.

Mark: Well uh... I play a v-, a version of myself a-, as Frank sees me, you know, like, you know
what I mean?
Interviewer: No
Mark: It's not, uh, he sees the group from... like we see him from one point of view and he sees us
from another place, this was written around like we're, you know, the folklore that each member had
brought to create the image that we portray, like, uh, some of the scenes have happened before,
specifically the, the hotel room scene where the group sits and talks about how Frank is not
important to what the group is and... that scene I remember happening many times, uh, just the whole
idea that it is Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention has always given us something to talk
about, you know, Frank is, you know, our boss and so there's always that kinda management, uh,
worker relationship that, you know, that just happens, it isn't like you, you plan for it to happen,
it just does...

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