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FZ: From the point that Jeff Simmons quit the group we had a bunch of adventures trying to find
somebody to replace him. Non only for the bass parts in the music, but to play the role that he was
supposed to play in the film, which is a pretty large part. And, uh, our first candidate for the
role was Wilfrid Brambell, who played the grandfather in A Hard Day's Night. So Wilfrid came over,
tried out for the part, everything was set, he rehearsed with us for about a week, and then one day
came to the studio here and, completely freaked out, and said that he couldn't handle it anymore.
So, we went into the dressing room and sat around with the guys in the band and tried to figure out
what we're gonna do 'bout replacing the replacement, and the first person that walked through the
door was Martin Lickert, who happened to be Ringo's driver, and, uh, everybody just turned and look
at him and we went, "You! "

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