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Oh look away, look away, look away!

Look away, look away,

It's a lovely day today in the USA.

Like a great big strawberry short-cake,

Or a turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Like the Fourth of July or apple pie,

It's strictly USA.

Like a hotdog covered with mustard,

Or an amateur hometown maid,

Like a circus parade or lemonade,

It's strictly USA.

Go to a picnic, go to clambake,

Go to a bar tent, or county fair,

You'll be the happy resident,

Maybe get to be the future president,

Take a man like Abraham Lincoln,

Take a state like I-O-Way

Take a sugar-cured ham, a candied yam,

Or take your favorite Uncle Sam,

And shout a big hooray, it's strictly USA.
You never can know a country

Till you know the folks, see them

In their own native locales.

If you wanna see young acorns

Growing into oaks, you gotta

See the fellas and gals.

And inspecting extra special,

A bunch of merchandise,

The all-American Cow wins the prize.

Your All-American man is nice young man,

He is a handy man in a pinch,

Maybe he can't make love

Like a clam who can,

Till he gets his gal in a clinch.

All-American Man may not get what he wants,

For the All-American Girl wears the pants.
Like the flag on the little red schoolhouse

Like the ball on election day,

Like a brass spittoon, and Daniel Boone,

It's strictly USA.

That is to say Bud! Down South it's hi-all,

Cowboys say Howdy, Indians say How

No matter where you're meeting folks.

It's the real American way of greeting folks.

Bring your gal to the rodeo in Reno

Or to the beach in Chesapeake Bay

Like the ice cream cones, or Casey Jones,

Like Mr. Tambo and Mr. Bones

They're really here to stay, but strictly USA.

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