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Versuri Frank Sinatra - It's fate, baby, it's fate

Betty: You better make your mind up not to stall with me;
Start playing ball with me
Your future isn't changeable or shapable,
It's inescapable.
If you should run to China, or toTurkey or Sweden
Or Earth or Venus or Mars,
It wouldn't matter where you'd be,
A force will pull you back to me,
It's written in the stars.
It's fate, baby, it's fate,
And it's knocking at our door.
It's fate, baby, and that's the reason,
You're mine and I am yours.
Don't wait, baby, don't wait,
It'll happen anyhow,
Don't wait, baby, don't do next season
What you can do right now.
There's a plan for every woman and every man
Each was made for the other,
Don't treat me like a brother,
Too late, baby, too late,
So accept your destiny,
It's fate, baby, that you were meant to fall into love with me.
(musical interlude)
I'm gonna start it out on my astrology, and phrenology
Frank: It does not matter that you are Aquarius, or Sagittarius
Or Gemini or Scorpio or Taurus the Bull, Capriconus or Pisces the fish.
Betty: Winter, summer, spring or fall,
As long as you were born at all, Mister, you're my dish.
It's fate baby, it's fate.
Frank: Can't I even put up a fuss?
Betty: It's fate, baby, the stars have written that you and me is Us.
It's right, baby so right, I can see it in the stars,
Don't fight baby, take off that mitten,
For you and me is pars.
Listen, Mac, it's all arranged in the Zodiak.
Got you coming and going, hey bud, your future's showing.
(Hahaha) Too late, baby, too late, there's feeling in this urge,
It's fate, baby, so let's start buying towels marked His and Hers

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