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Versuri Fort Minor - Respect 4 grandma

trimise de Memet90Memet90.

Are we recording right now?

Yea we're recording

I cant do it right now because my grandma is asleep in the room and I have to like go to like
another room and like yell it

Go ahead

You know Respect for Grandma

You know what I mean

Scoop Deville
Your now rocking with a drunken battle,
We pack pumps like sluts when they
traveling with shoes in the trunk
Im losing it punk
Missing a few screws and a nut
Im stupid as f***k
Im from the old school but I flunked
Black on Black
Rips with some grain to grip
Bitch slapping these trick rappers
Till they pay this pimp
Quit acting the click clacking
Like you famous s***t
You faggots are broke with names out of gangsta flicks (Biatch)
What a joke, you aint never cut up coke on a scale
Or snuck dope through the border in a cocanut shell
F***k No!
You want tell your little veteran tales
So when I put the smoke in your mouth
You better inhale
Suck it!

You ready lets get it
The games now finished
Its's all, weapons to aim with a 1000 rounds in it
Machine shop class mixtaped lynch men
Clapping at your tracks rabbits back to the benches yea
People famous call me the evil genius
Got them bumpin Styles
In the Buick people speeding
Brim with the tilt, cigar on my clutch
Your crying over spilled milk
Demigodz whats up?
Got a flask filled of that ole lucky number 7 brand
Get rid of your first string
I aint playing second hand
Your messing with butane
Get scorched in a torch fire
Look out for the new slang
You rocking with Fort Minor

Allrigth hold for a second
Yeah you know who the f***k this is
SOB mother f***kas
Demigodz mother f***kas
Mike Shinoda Mother F***kas
And this is Celph Titled Mother F***kas
We put a pipe bomb in your tail pipe and it go off mother f***kas
My gun don't fit through the doorway mother f***kas lets Go!

This is the last warning shot before we're letting this go
We don't have to say lay low
Ya'll already know
That when the lights goes dim
And the beat drops in
Even Texas cant hold them
Ante up and Im in
Im like Black Jack Johnson and MOP
Drinking handfuls of Jack Daniels (You'll see)
Cause when we hop into the Jeep to try out the CD
You'll want a low rider bucking bronco to Scoop's beat now
My name's Mike (mike), remember it well
More rock than raising hell
Rougher then Roc Deville
Ryu and Tak will tell you whats really the deal
If you want it come get us at the end of this twelve

Yea yea yea, you know the f***kin drill
Keeping it Godzilla up in the mother f***kin Home Depot
This is Celph Titled, the lame mile killer
This SOB, this is Demigodz, this is M Shinoda the cobra holder
And this is your brain on crack mother f***ka!

Perfect... the guy is a genius

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