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Im nicotine, im coming clean i fooled the crowd when i made it sound like i was more then ready
strike up the band, deprive
My sleep cause theres no love like apathy the bell that tolls rings loud enough that it should have
woke us up
Im trying to find truth in words, in rhymes, in notes, in all the things i wish id wrote cause i
feel like ive been losing you
I read your last entry overprivelaged kids keep crying the need to fit in is harder when living life
from a screen old
Classmates please drop all your pens dont write a word cause i wont reply and im not bitter, no its
just ive passed that
Point in my life
Each night it ends too soon you dont hold me like you used to and your eyes look like theyve seen
Too much its always some excuse too tired, too obtuse you look so far removed, this time i fear im
losing you im nicotine im
A cash machine im the colour green and you should have seen the looks i just recieved i need a
reason to let go an
Intervention, a lulluby something to cure me please believe me

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