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trimise de Jupiter3Jupiter3.

Well i made my way back down to the valley, right on past 83rd street that's where we once belonged,
but im gone i swear im
Long gone
So give it, throw your hats in the air and change just as they land youre saying "we'll get out
of here"
But something tells me your'e too scared to go so the stairs that you could climb are the ones youve
left behind and your
Eyes light up when we talk about the past god i miss those songs we used to sing, talking like
getting away would be the
Greatest thing well me, i got out, and you kept singing to me like that's really going to set this
Like a ghost youve been haunting all these dusty old roads and old homes the ones we swore we'd
never go, never go as for joe,
Oh ive seen him around then theres adam, hes afraid to go out i dont blame him, i just wanted to go
out to eat then theres mark
Goddamn i wish him the best we were kids back then as if we could progress but sometimes i just cant
sleep, thinking of
Everything we could have been

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