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Versuri Forest Of Souls - Deliverance

Oh... Such a little shape morning amongst the noisy crowd. How could you
guess huge danger that you represent?
For when the swordfighter appeared, peace was broken. Oh... burden of your
sufferings creating with your spirit a mortal weapon.
Massacring population, devastating the regions of your lonely wanderings.
Here he is the one who ruled in your murdered soul. But I 'm the one who
watched you, who followed you to study and save you, you and the people that
you hurt.
I 've looked for the cause of this madness in huge countries and I guessed
it with my intuition.
Oh... How great is her beauty! So I 've seen the ghostly presence of your
mother, dead for two winters lost and abandonned by the world.
Oh... Young boy far away from this woman, suffering from loneliness and
anxiety. There in your spirit was the reason for this evil the devastating
deads killing and burning. That 's why she followed me to see you again and
to cure you. How I remember the reunion, making your heart jump towards
life, from this sweet cause the deads were unbound so violently massacring
without mercy, exterminating until the last their bones and their rotten
flesh stained the soil, fallng one by one, choking the air with their foul
rapour darkening the sky.
Exhausted you fell down happy, allowin gyour mother to leave for a journey
without return to the worlds which aren 't ours yet.

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