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Versuri Fold Zandura - Ember

mrs. jaded
loved a man whose passion
had faded away!
so she waited
for the day when the fire returned
but it never came

what she said to me:
love's like the seasons, remember
love's promised spring and summer
will melt away with December
.... see for yourself

mr. vision
saw the future then found religion sacred
glitter-free salvation
took the patience of saints
so he cursed the time he wasted away

what he said was:
faith's like the flowing waters
a fierce and raging river
will calm and still in like weather

think for yourself, speak for yourself, see if
it's true
if it's true

just like the seasons, untender
life burns in spring and summer
but fades away like these embers

the world's elusive, remember
where love's the leaf
faith, the river
what's born as flame dies in ember

see for yourself!

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