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Versuri Foetus - Victim

trimise de AdytzumfAdytzumf.

i got a problem
its runnin round in my head
there a solution
its lying inside your bed
a revolution has got to come from within

do unto others-
then get out of the area
new resolutions are made to be broken

victor or victim
you know we are one and the same
goddess or godless
tell me what is the difference?

everybody claps their hands and breaks their fingers
and when it gets infected - the odor lingers
the monkey never dies, just waits in the corner
lookin for openings

i stop at nothing to hunt down my prey
i turn the clock back an hour each and every day
file under futile
you never cease to amaze
pull over, buddy!
youll pay the piper one day
lets do damnation
and see if i care
victim or victor
we are one and the same

yeah yeah yeah
well im pleased to meet you

you cant trust anyone these days
an ivory tower is a dirty domain
on your knees and against the wall
for me to rise then you must fall
when crime is money and money is crime
you gotta penetrate any opening you can find
the right to die and the right to choose
for me to win then you must lose
but when you miss that sweet caress
dial 1-900-FOETUS
your punch is spiked the punch is dosed
well im-a judge and i'm-a jury and this case is closed....

the gun is loaded and so is the sherriff
bases are loaded - pipes are frozen
a filthy habit made to be broken
but there's so much at stake

i got a problem
its running round in my head
victim or victor
we are one and the same

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