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Versuri Foesum - Come take a ride

trimise de MaryyanaMaryyana.

Lets flip the script a lil bit.
With this pimp a*s type s***t right here.
They dont really know about this though.
So recognize me, LBC. Peep game on this though.
Now listen to the sound, break em off a lil somethin
Ain't nuthin poppin but the hood so keep it bumpin
Rollin down the backstreets of East Long Beach, yeah
Atlantic contract flossin with Big Beat
Conversation on the corner with the skirts to put the word in
Here comes M&M and DJ Glaze in a Suburban
Leanin out the side of the ride, whats poppin locc
Lets grab these hoochies, E&J and blaze up the smoke
So we continued on a mission and I'm ready to ride

My kinfolk's on the corner, Twin crawl inside
And take a stroll with the locc, cuz we goin smoke tonight
So parlay as we slide down MLK
With intentions to be makin a grip, so what is this
Understand the definition, big daddy's a pimp
Blowin smoke with my loccs, headin to the Eastside
So recognize game when you see the G's ride
(Chorus) x2
Come take a ride
And you best recognize
See how we ride
LBC's on our side
Yeah, that was that smooth type s***t.
Takin you to another level with a different type flow
Yeah, give it to me. Take me to the bridge Glaze
Lets just glide, ride, dip, slide, to the Eastside

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