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Versuri Flo Rida - Touch me

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If you like my body
Touch me, touch me, touch me, ta-touch me

[2x] Touch me, touch me, touch me, ta-touch me

[Flo Rida]
Heyyy I like it when you
tellin' me to keep in touch,
All over your body rub it like good luck,
Never stand up shawty keep me doin' too much,
Hands where they oughtta be unleash that stunt,
And no apology so please don't fuss,
Quicksand quality, its goin' down pretty ruff,
Brand new... all about that rush,
Keep tellin me to fill it, its just my luck,
I'mma help you make that movie,
Get on my top cause' I like my duty,
Get it involved nevermind the goopies,
She a dawg so I let her be snoopy,
Round of applause make it drop like a oozie
... cute like suzy
Send her to the top with a coofie
you momma just gave me a call I
hear you I heard you say

Touch me baby, touch me all night long
Touch me baby, ya

[Flo Rida]
I'm into that talk
I'm into that walk
I got a thing for them dollars
an its all my fault
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Let ma second head tell it I'ma break you off
Tell 'em I said they got a whole lotta balls,
I wonna go hard, Shawty give us that stuff, ... balls
I'm gunna rump and a bump and a
stomp for them calls
I'm gunna hump automatic from
the window to the wall
Yea I'm wonna get it right wid you all ready
Pull it down... yea c'mon lady
... gotta fetish
... grown man wid it baby
All out to the spot like its on freddy
Understand I do it big for the gwop baby
When a momma feelin hot take her to the tele
I don't like 'em scary like the
girls who whip my silly like

Touch me baby, touch me all night long
Touch me baby, ya

I like you sexy,
I want you next to me,
Lets be the legacy,
Got me feelin like XTC,
and a little bit of jelousy,
its all about your melody,
Right where I care to be,
Shawty that's definately a fellony,
Want me to touch you that's cool,
I spend my paper on you,
and pick you up in my coupe,
and make it do what it do,
Shawty don't get it confused,
You sure that we can get loose,
All out I'm breaking the rules,
Go hard, I like when you said,

[2x] Touch me, touch me, touch me, ta-touch me

Touch me baby touch me all night long
Touch me baby, ya

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