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Versuri Flipsyde - No more

trimise de AleksandrahateAleksandrahate.

From the womb to the world from the world to the grave from the grave to the heavens and my spirit
From the liquor to the drugs to the police and the thugs to my prayers and hope that he hears it
Little kids in the street Never sleep never eat Carry burdens of their mommas' and the papas' To the
hell on this Earth Gettin' hot gettin' worse Cause were cursed nobody can stop us
Take a look see the sights that I've seen See the lust see the greed jealousy and killin'
Walk the walk that I've walked All alone in the dark overtaken by this feelin' that I'm feelin'
the hand that I've touched In the night what a rush turning blue so could and breathless See the
and the chains on your wrist on your brain Feel the pain of a grown man's death wish

Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more
Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more
Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more
Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more

That's right little mama just keep on walkin' to school
Don't stop and talk to them fools Tryin' to holla while they sippin' on brew Cause you're gonna lose

Got to stay focused keep your mind on your dreams
Don't get hypnotized by the bling deep inside you must believe and you'll succeed
Cause all we're given is a chance They play the music and we dance And ain't no way to make it last
if we
don't stop and listen
It could be over in a flash When you killin' for that cash Flip an Apache and blast 'em with
Moqtada al Sadr Bin Laden Al Qaeda They all multiplyin' and hidin' and George can't find 'em
And even if he did and killed them then another would come
We makin' enemies faster than we could pick up a gun


From my soul to my heart From the ending to the start In between it's an art and I live it From one
person to the next All respect no regrets If you next you got it then give it
Share a hug share the love we can rise up above If we try we can fly up to the heavens
All my brothers and my sisters we can make it if we listen to each other and just keep on


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