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Versuri Flipmode Squad - Everything

Intro: busta rhymes
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything
Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything
Everything, everything, flipmode squad is everything, everything

[spliff star]
I handle weed steamers, niggas who push bench to beamers
Trigga finga happy niggas street corner heaters
Try to get a rap game crack game whatever
I gotta make it even if i gotta take it forcefully
Life is a bitch yo i love her but she's costing me
Fly nigga head who thought about double crossing me
Spliff star, the dutch hits, one of the hungriest
Backed by donald johns and that's where my money is

I told y'all six weeks rich don't forget
Another smash hit from my squad don't forget
It's rampage yo y'all really want doubts
I'm the one that flipped your broad and make her freak out
And call her girlfriend then eat her a*s out
I'm the black caesar people been talking about
Imperial, i got the platinum material
I got time to verbalize the crew that eat your cereal

Chorus 2x: busta rhymes
We gon give y'all niggas everything that you want
We gon give y'all niggas everything that you need
We gon give y'all niggas everything that you aint got
We gon give y'all niggas hot s***t to blow the spot

[rah digga]
Imperial chick represent broads yonder
Sing, rap, act or be a host like ananda
Type spoken true zonin out in the vocal booth
How i do that? found new raps with tight blonde streaks in the middle
Or die blue black
Q grill write the ill make you raise your brow
And still be the illest mad years from now
All the way hell out

[baby sham]
Ayo the realness, start from back in the days
In qb, when niggas had they grimy ways
Up in the street when thugs had to hold they heat but never me
I slipped them off they own two feet
If you don't know i think you besta keep your flow
I'm the type of cat that'll just split your fro
And leave a big part you don't really want it to start
Catch you on a sunny day in front your crib double park

Chorus 2x

[busta rhymes]
Panic and schizophrenic, sylvy-atlantic
Wrap up your face in ceramic, goddamit we controllin the planet
Ask mary, the way my s***t vary the s***t is scary
Havin you movin larry hopin my niggas hear me
Timin the rhyme, flossin canary diamond me and my niggas
Forever shinin y'all niggas been noble like a tv show
Simon and simon
Chip in a million christenin you listenin
Now i own the pot i'm p***n in

[rd]i be wetter than mystic gellin off me cuz you unrealistic
[ram]i eat y'all niggas like a box of frozen fishsticks
[bs]shortest nigga in my clique to hit y'all with the biggest dick
[ss]oooh what y'all niggas want kidnap em wit a gun throw you in the
Car trunk
[br]sucker think he can whoop me nigga whole style chump
[rd]tightest new releases
[ram]pocket size increases
[ss]jesus, flipmode blow the spot to pieces


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