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Versuri Flickerstick - Chloroform the on

And if I couldnt attain
All I need to explain
Would she even look me in the eye again
She sits back and ignores
My need to adore
Intimidations got me down again
Shes only 18
But such a beautiful dream
All she needs is some chloroform and she'll be mine

CHORUS:Chloroform the one, the one that you love
And take her back

Every once in a while
I catch a strut and a smile
Maybe rejection
is the high that keeps me coming here
I need some compassion
But shes laughing the nervousness I feel whenever she is around
And I cant see
Just how realIs the charm
no I dont meanHer no harm
despite my heart
And the challenge while shes lying here


So just walk on by i can see today is like any other day
But it seems brighter than it was before
I just cant believe that its Not the same
no its not the same
It will never be the same for me again


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