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Versuri Flesh-N-Bone - If you could see

[L] Now, I think playtime is over
[F] Yeah, what's happenin', platinum?
[L] Nuttin'
[F] Man, you know what's happenin'
[L]I'm just tryin' to see if I could see what you see
(If you could see what I could see...) Follow me (Rip...)

Chorus: Flesh
If you can see what I can see (Layzie: All aboard!)
Nothin' but real G's in back of me, that's my Mo Thug family
If you can see what I can see Straight from the land
of C-L-E, Flesh Bone, your thug in harmony
Follow me

Straight from the city of Cleveland
and without no warning, bringin' a storm
Feel the wrath, you won't escape it, baby,
you might as well start mournin'
I don't wanna blow my own horn,
but niggas, I think we the coldest
Mo Thug, our mighty warrior soldiers takin' over
You better know it, what's the deal?
Nigga, my trues stay real
I'm gonna make you feel this
When I pull out my steel, put a slug in your grill
Servin' these hoes up easily
With a nine-millimeter glock, real murderers
Haven't you seen this killer befo'?
For sure you niggas heard of us
Steady kickin' dust up in your face
Ever since, I've tried to stay safe
By keepin' bustas in their place
I'm known as the F-L-E-S-H slash
B-O-N-E from the C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-D
Come on and follow me
Let's see if you can see what I can see
Better realize, my enterprise way too rowdy,
you tried to test my size, but why?
These niggas can't fade the Fifth Dog when I parlay
Everyday doin' it, how we keep doin' it?
Thug style, that's our way


I bounce around like a gypsy
If you wanna holla, just hit me
I know these jackers out to get me
But they just can't get with me
I swig my forty til it's empty
Better crack my Moi, let my senses stay on 'noid
as I watch for my boys, and I ain't phony
Homie, listen, I ain't got nothin' to lose
You critisize, but won't realize
You ain't never walked in my shoes
Play by the rules or lose
I ain't tryin' to be comin' up stankin' for some fools
Make a mistake and fakin', straight up playa hatin'
Silly nigga, you should have been out here paper chasin'
Done got yourself off in some f***d situation,
straight facin' life vacation
Try to point at yourself, you to blame
Although, it'll never be the same,
you wanna replay the game, shame, shame, shame
How you figure life an arcade?
Put your quarter in and play
But nobody's here to stay,
even me L. B. endin' up D-E-A-D
Before you sleep six feet deep
I hope you see what I can see


And if all of y'all can see what I see
Then you're probably rollin' with me
Me, cause everybody knows, who sees what I sees
Are all apart of my Mo (Mo, Mo) Thug family
Steadily climbin', platinum rhymin'
Leavin' these bustas straight behind me
Hope it don't never end, stackin' dividends
Just me, myself, my platinum friends
Let's ride in a world so cold, world so cold
Now look at these thugs makin' major dough
Now, look at these haters, wanna holla, hoes, wanna holla, hoes?
What, what you're needin', buck, buck, and you'll be bleedin'
And you don't wanna go out like that, do ya?
Cause if you do, you're f***' with the right shooter
And if you wanna see what I see, this is all I see
When you hate me, what I see, and it's all f***d up, up, up
Said, it's all f***d up, this is all I see...


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