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Versuri Fleetwood Mac - That's alright

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(Stevie Nicks)
Meet me down by the railway station
i've been waiting... and i'm through waiting for you
the train sings the same kind of blues
well i don't know why i always trusted
sometimes i think i must have.... i must have been crazy
crazy to wait on you baby
well i turned around and got pushed down, baby
now i decided yesterday that i would leave you
i'm alright.........
please... i've been takin' my time
you know, it's been on my mind
i hope you find a love
your own designs of love
that's alright.....
that's alright
i believe.... i believe that i know you
'cause we've been a long time,
and now i've got to show you that i...
well, i never did beleive in time
you know... changin' anybody's mind
now i can't define love like it should be
that's alright....
that's alright....
(repeat chorus)

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