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Versuri Fleetwood Mac - Destiny rules

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Maybe we were together in another life
Maybe we are together in a parallel universe
Maybe our paths are not supposed to cross twice
Maybe your arms not supposed to go around me

I hear about you now and then
I wonder where you are and how you feel
Sometimes I walk by and I look up to your balcony
Just to make sure that you were real
Just to make sure that I can still feel you

When I see you again
As I always do
It appears to me that
Destiny rules
That the spirits are ruthless with the paths they choose
It's not being together
It's just following the rules
No one's a fool

Six weeks in a foreign country How the time flew
I didn't speak the language but somehow I knew
That that would be the only time that we could be alone and foolish
We said we'd never come home...

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