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East bound train - versuri Flatt feat Scruggs | Versuri.ro
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Versuri Flatt feat Scruggs - East bound train

The east bound train was crowded one cold December day
The conductor shouted pitty in his old time fashioned way
A little girl in sadness her hair as bright as gold
She said I have no ticket and then her story told
My father he's in prison he's lost his sight they say
I'm going for his pardon this cold December day
[ac. guitar]
My mother's daily sowing to try to earn her bread
My poor dear old blind papa's in prison almost dead
The conductor could not answer he could not make reply
While taking his blowing wiping the teardrops from his eyes
He said God bless you little one just stay right where you are
You'll never need a ticket while I am on this far

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