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Versuri Flashlight Brown - You smell

Sunday morning, headache's healed
Strapped into our chesterfield
Caught our breath off the TV's chill
Cat is dead on the window sill
Brain is functioning cold as night
This god-damned day is out of sight
So much time to waste away
Too much time, for just one day

But still I caught a chill from skinny walking
I'm caught off guard that you're still gorgeous when you smell.

Hop the road to go and rent a flick
First time out kind of makes me sick
Today's breakfast won't take us far
Three cups of coffee and a candy bar
Despite the fact we're going to fight today
We'll scratch and win until our love's okay
Screw on the couch and scream at the sun
And maybe Monday morning won't ever come
And I'll never feel this home again

The world outside gives us nothing to see
They're blaring Black Cabbage on the CBC
Coffee's gone around 3 pm
I guess it's time to start drinking again
All our friends come invade our home
Kind of wish they'd just leave us alone
Poser Jesus thinks your dad's too deep
But our salvation never came this cheap

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