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Versuri Fixx - All is fair

trimise de Adriana89Adriana89.

Man as a beast came down from the trees
Crawling around, spread his disease.
Up on the rocks, playing with fire,
Inventing his needs to quench the desire.
Blood on his hands, love on his mind,
Hell as a future, leaving heaven way behind.
All is fair in love and war
Kiss me you fool it's love that we're all dying for.
All is fair in love and war
Head for the hills who knows what all this fighting's for?
Man is a beast.
Shame at the feast, too much to eat
Throw out the waste at the beggar's bare feet
Aim for the moon, shooting the stars
Insanity roaming the streets, but the sane drive new cars.
Blood on his hands, love on his mind
Selling the future, the debts are left behind

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