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Versuri Five - Switch

You gotta stop, Listen up,
Checking out my beats,
Know that they? re unique,
Got you jumping out your seats,
Never bring the same flow upon a track
Better watch your back,
When I bring the switch attack now.

People when they nod,
Nod they don? t to the funk,
Thing That I bring
Make your head wanna ring,
Here we come,
You know we bring it raw,
Get up on the floor,
Cos you gotta get some more!

Friday night,
The party? s just around the corner,
She? ll be there,
So I just
can? t be late,
Gotta get my groove thing on,
cos I? ll be dancing all night long
Take me to a place where I can have some fun.

Once I get up on the floor,
See me coming back for more,
See me rockin? all
my moves,
Everybody? s watching me,

Nine o? clock,
And finally my groove is swinging,
Beats are fine,
Now I guess
It? s time to rock
(Guess it? s time to rock),
Now the party? s on the way, I found
out I? ve got to stay,
People start to gather
round and round and round and

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