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Versuri Five - Let's dance

trimise de Remus1983Remus1983.

If you wanna dance, this is our chance...
If you wanna dance, let's take a chance.

Jiggy jump to the beat, keep bouncing.
30 seconds and counting.
Hot one... this choice critical,
Situation is difficult.
My calibre won't allow me to rhyme on a level where you people can hear me, see me.
Guess I know you wanna be me.
In the meantime, bounce to the beat, see...

Music is my life cause my life is music,
The beat of the drum in your heart!

Let's dance! Like you mean it, can't ya feel it, don't you know?
Let's dance! Cause you need it, better believe it, here we go!
Let's dance! Give yer all when we come together on the floor.
Let's dance! You know that you got what I like!

Check it down! Dropping verbal bombs on the beat.
Hoping that you people think the sound is unique.
Cause I like to party, you like to party,
Come on everybody, got to get it started!
I got something... to get ya jumping,
When I kick a freaky rhyme I get the dance floor thumping.
Just step back and take time to check.
When I rock up on the mic, you people never forget.
So check it out...

(chorus twice)

... You know you got what I like!

You know that you got what I like...
You know that you got what I need...
You know that you got what I like...

(chorus repeats...)

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