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Versuri Five - It's all ove

Girl (it's all over)
This time (it's all over)
I swear (it's all over)
On my name (yes, it's all over)
Believe (it's all over)
That baby it's all over now
It's all over this time

Thought I was made for you
And you believed in me
I thought this was how love was meant to be
I didn't know it
But you were foolin' me around

You had a hold on me
I was too blind to see
I could have been yours for eternity
I didn't see it
Till it was all up in my face

Do you recall
The times that we shared
Moment alone and promises
But now the days are gone
Now you're on your own
Tonight never again cos


Now I know the truth
It really hurts inside
Cos every lie just twists the knife
The way I'm feelin'
There's just no remedy, no

Do you regret
Things that you said
Every word broken promises
But now the days are gone
Now you're on your own
Tonight never again cos


Ya hit me with the truth
Hit me with the raw fact
Put me on my back
What you gotta say to that
You got me with your lies
I was thinking we were set
Counting every second
Every day since we met
Remember in the times
When we used to have it all
But then came the fall
Feeling like we hit a brick wall
You can keep it the lies in my ears
You gonna shed tears
As your man disappears

Sit back and let me do my thing
Laced with the click and the 5 on the swing
I'm not the one who's gonna be plagued by your kind
24/7 girl it's time to rewind
It's over just like a wack track
You can't get with this so you gotta get with that
No doubt in my mind the base so phatt
Baby let me bring it on a wiggy wack

(Chorus until fade)

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