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Versuri Five - 70 days

trimise de Lil_PapushaLil_Papusha.

Open up my eyes in the morning
Feeling the sun bang against my brain
And now I'm crawling. Pray this'll be the day when I fly free
None of the bullshit f***g with me.
Cause I'm twisting, turning,
Crashing down, hurting.
Wanna try and punk me out?
Cause I'm burning up.
If you feel the same, you gotta turn it up.
Gotta find a way to chase the pain away...
I don't want you to hate me
But I know not what I do.
70 days has made me,
And it's made a desert outta you.
Cause I'm burning up...
Yo, in my dreams I can fly like a bird,
But in reality, yo, I cry till it hurts.
Until I can't breathe, no tricks up my sleeve,
Spend a little time, you'll find I'm deeper than the sea.
I can move souls when I put my mind to it,
Blessed with the flow, so I put my rhyme to it.
A junkie for the rhythm when I feel the need,
So I peel back my shirt and inject the feed...

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