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Versuri Ferry Corsten - This island earth

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So i send an sos
Semaphore myself
Catch me falling finally
Through the air and underground
Everywhere this sound
Screams whisper "i can? t breathe"
I feel it in my bones
Though i know i? m not alone
You? re spinning far too far from me
So cruel to be so kind
Now i know i? ll always find
This island earth
A mystery
As i stumble through the dark
Dream lovers dream apart
Starry eyed a vision rushes in
Do i wonder or care
My spirit's bleeding god knows where
A never ending stream
I tried to love, tried to find
My soul in shadows running blind
And restless as the sea
Via sidewalks through the haze
Wandering as in a maze
Lost in number time and space
So near and yet so far
Castaway as strangers are
This island earth
And you and me

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