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Here in the hush of evenin?
On a night in june
Overhearin? conversations
Bayin? at the moon
Suddenly a voice i? m hearin? s
Sweet to my ear
This is tomorrow? s callin?
Wishin' you were here
Layin? in my hotel bedroom
Feelin? ceilin? blues
Wall to wall a tv? s twitchin?
Clearly not a muse
Then flashin? through the interference
Beams a thousand tunes
This is tomorrow callin?
What have i to lose?
Truckin? by the railway station
I? m on the road again
Steerin? clear of all temptation
Unto the point of pain
When steamin? through on cue
I hear that wailin? whistle blow
If this is tomorrow callin?
Oh what a way to go!
Day to day you live old fashioned
Hi-toned, fancy free
A double take, an image-spittin?
Tailored to a t
While history is tellin? you
The same old thing
This is tomorrow callin?
Let? s stick a new oar in
This is tomorrow callin?
Y? all? n
Come on in

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