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Versuri Ferry Corsten - One kiss

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Now is the moment
Here is the place
And soon? s the time to go
Seeing? s believin?
Or so he thought once
Now he? s not so sure
One kiss - one for the road - what is more?
One kiss - roughly expressing all that lips are for
Where do they come from?
Doesn? t she speak?
Where can they co from here?
Forever or never
Or once in a while
Their situation? s clear
One kiss - never too late to miss
One too many a broken-up affair - like this
Spinning together
Drifting away
The song of love is strange
A never ending
"see you soon"
Too late - the music changed
One kiss - what kind of end is this?
One more touching impression - one lost love - one kiss
Just as he? s trying
To open the door
He fumbles with the key
Clumsily playing for time
Without words
Some things you can only feel
One kiss - lost in shade
One tear - ever so slowly falling left to fade

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