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Versuri Feeder - Love pollution

Crossing bridges over water
A new reflection creeping in
Got your head so full of traffic
The love pollution's setting in

[Pre chorus:]
Cos I'm feeling that I can't go on
I can't go on this way
Turning back a hundred pages in the book
As letters fade

Been calling out for days
As emptiness invades
Another moment's lost again
Just sunk beneath the waves
Been calling out for days
As emptiness invades
But hey, hey, hey...

Holding back the undercover
No respect in giving in
You'd sell your soul to be another
When love pollution's setting in

[Pre chorus]

You pick the pieces up again
You're like the song that never ends
And you're the reason I wake up
And you're my vision
You're my touch...

[Pre Chorus]

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