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Versuri Feeder - Helium

Fuel emotions, killing me
Pure devotion, cut and bleed
You're the crystal, the ecstasy,
The drug that keeps feeding me.
So come on

Torn together we sow the seed,
Bring the pleasure back for free,
The world is frozen but
I can taste new life every time i breathe.

So come on, get in,
Take a ride, till you sink,
Come on, get in,
Lets feel a new high kicking in

Change the system, break the shape
New connection hands to make,
Find the honey and learn to taste again,
So come on

Burn forever, learn to feed,
Find the pleasure it's yours to keep
The world is frozen,
But I can taste new life every time I breathe

[Chorus x2]

Come together, feel the heat,
Suck the life left right out of me,
The world is frozen,
But I can taste new life every time I breathe,
Every step I take,
Every drop I bleed

[Chorus x3]

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