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Versuri Faydee - Rock the night

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Baby, I hate to see you lonely,
Girl you can call up on me,
And we can rock the night, the night, night,
Baby, no other girls is for me,
Girl, you can be my only,
And we can rock the night, the night, night.

Verse 1:
I can be the one to take you round the world,
You just have to say the word, the word...
I can be the one to show you all you are,
You know I'll put you first...

Pre-chorus: (2x)
Take it, take it from me,
I can tell that you gonna like me,
Come on over here, come on over here.


Verse 2:
I can be the one that you can hold on to
When I dance with you...
You can be the one I keep the whole night to,
I wanna rock with you, with you...

Pre-chorus: (2x)


Oh, forget your troubles at the door tonight,
Cause you know you're here to have a good time, a good time, oh, oh,
We gon' rock it up in the club till the night turns to day, turns to day,
If you had enough, let me see your hands up,
We gonna take you away, way, way.

Chorus: (2x)

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