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Versuri Faydee - Assassin

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Like an assassin shooting my heart down (2x)

Verse 1:
I got my guard down, I put my hands up
Hoping you'd turn around, hoping you'd turn around,
Just like a politician, you talk yourself up,
Your just an empty promise I gotta wake up.

I try and I try, I hide in disguise,
Request you to love me but you just decline,
I give you my heart,
I trust you to keep it but you throw it away
And all I'm left with it's pieces.

Chorus: (2x)
Like an assassin, assassin
Shooting my heart down, shooting my heart down,
You gain ammunition, gain ammunition
When I pour my heart out, I pour my heart out, out.

Verse 2:
I got a problem, I know the remedy,
I gotta give you up but your taking over me,
It's like your on a mission to tear me up inside,
But I refuse to listen even when my heart cries.


Chorus: (2x)

It's a cold, cold world when you've got nothing left,
Just a picture perfect melody you'll never forget,
Close my eyes when I see ya,
Cause I can't bare to see the real ya.

Chorus: (2x)

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