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Versuri Fan_3 - What they gonna think


"What They Gonna Think"

Gimmie a little more than candy.

Rap so everybody pot your hands together and clap.
You rememebr the good ol days back in school.
When you tried your hardest to ceep your cool
Around that person that you always liked and you heard
that he might ask you out tonight.
Yall be goin to the bathroom in the middle of class.
He said a girl threw up with a fake
hall pass. You got a nice little note. It took an hour to write.
Askin' if you got anything planned fot tonight. Well
these days its almost. The same thing.
Except instead of a note my cell phone rings.
He hooks me up with a tour. Seein'
if I got the call. makin sure I hadnt made private plans at the mall.
But when I looked @ his face and i saw his smile it
made me wanna put his number in my palm piolet.

What they gonna think. When you come back to school.
Your cheeks bust down pink. and your actin like a fool. And what
they gonna think. when u come back to school.
Your cheeks bust down pink. and your actin like a fool.

Yall remember the 1st time that yall went out.
You picked a rough better house walkin arm an num.
You say hello to his momma. hello to his daddy.
Then you smiled at her and she made you feel glad.
You gave her the rose you picked up on the way in.
And this is when you get started for the date.
She hated the movie.
But pretended like she liked she liked it.
Cause she really cant stand all the voilence and fightin.
Its off torwards dinner. where 2 go.
you pretend u had it figued out a week ago.
Yall go 2 dinner but its not to fancy.
You have fun all night. eatin and daicin.
Well in the year 2002 we will
find somethin cool 2 do.
And you will probobly have a whole lot of fun.
Maybe chill with some friends before the night is done.

[Chorus (repeat)]
Weeeeeell now youve been goin out 4 some
time and it was easy to tell hime what was your mind.
Yall will chill together and
listen 2 some vidol. But u were still young.
No decisions were final.
These days we have things called cds. You old folks
may not be to firmalar with these.
But us kids like to listen to em together.
Rock pop hip hop. It dont matter. Whatever.

[Chorus out]

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