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"I Love Christmas"

The First Day Of Christmas Was Pretty Sweet
Got New Clothes From My Head To My Feet
The Second Was Even Better Then The First
I Got A New Phone With Cool Ring tones
On The 3rd Came A Cool New Bag
Curtsey Of My Mom And My Dad
The Forth Was Tight Got A Cool New Bike
Its Crazy Like 24 Speeds

These 12 Nights Are Going By So Fast
Pretty Soon Christmas Will Be In The Past
Cuz It Really Is My Favorite Time Of The Year
Snow On The Ground And Holiday Cheer
Cant Complain I Got Cool Stuff This Year Santa Really Hooked Me Up
When Its Gone I'm Really Gonna Miss This
Boy Do I Love Christmas

Hey Hey Hey
I'm Kickin' It Christmas Day
Ho Ho Ho
Here Comes Christmas Here We Go
Hey Hey Hey
I'm Kickin' Christmas Day
Ho Ho Ho
Here Comes Christmas Here We Go

(hey big crusher i thought this was a Christmas joint where's the sleigh bells)

(yea that's what I'm talking about)

On The Fifth Santa Was Super Cool
Gave Me And My Fam A Cool New Pool
On The Six I Got Some Drums
Man Is Christmas So Much Fun
7th And The 8th Was OK
The 9th Was Plain Same Old Same
On The Tenth I Got Monopoly
11th And 12th Spent With The Family

[chorus 2x]

So Its All About the Stuff
Its Not About The Stuff
The Love The Family Stuffs Not Enough


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