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Versuri Fall - I'm bobby pt 1

trimise de Negative-Negative-.

Mes: what I want to know is why don't real bands with real singers that don't go round explaining
themselves. that's right go ahead, get ahead with your puerile slurred word rigmarole and put it
On the lids it's down congealed both the rest of your post nearly half realised birdlike thoughts
clogging the solo seventies or new intellectual skinhead morass a shad mock whistle honestly pro
R competing with it observing scientifically brains are in that need maths to understand chords
missing slide back to bottom of ravine while they catch up freezing outside contained thrash about
Nks prescription wait a minute I need time my irritability you will pay for until you realise that
it is you that are dumb. it's you keeping me in this bird cage screen. you don't work out go aw
Age cage move.

Comfortable leafy suburb. green, lilac german type houses <reckoning tape starts> a pale
pretentious pseudo arty walks up like a cross between open the door. this began a slow palaver, sub
Nd almost (unconscious) in this loss of identity. and if you are bright, bubbly and sizzling with
split personality you are bobby.

Voice2: they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that fraction, that small fraction
missing is sometimes the most important. we gave you, I am, bobby. we gave you, I am, bobby.

<muffled voices>

Voice 3:i'll pay this in today then go to the market and library then quicksave for some booze.

Edward's latest single's out. in the shops tomorrow. it's a hot number and it's at your local
quicksave store.

Voice 4: extreme closeup of stamp banging down loudly on giro cheque. robert peers at photo of
edward in music magazine. special effect - bobby's thought voice with very nasty tone. reverb. very
Bang of stamp. though voice (your ma next) with saliva. closeup of bobby hazel picks up music
magazine and views with hatred picture of dj lauren in showbiz section.

Voice 5: hello, oh it's you yeah alright, have you got the right bloody colour this time, only I
don't want my hair deep pink again.

Voice 4: bobby hazel examines the picture of dj lauren closely.

Voice 5: I want a dj lauren

Voice 4: banging of receiver on phone. cut to vidal sassoon salon. closeup of hand highlighting
strip of hair with tint. cut to extreme closeup of dj lauren's face.

Voice 5: it's got to be the same

Voice 4: hairdresser puts phone down. hairdresser says: hiya lauren what's up?

Voice 5: the clonezone tonight. can you do us before six?

Voice 4: the hairdresser says: the clonezone, great! good place. can you get us in?

Yeah, how you finding it?


Good sound system there.

What you wearing?

Voice 5: cut to dream sequence inside clonezone

Voice 4: special effect of heavy beat of jungle techno mixed with voiceover by mark e smith. fx
reverb, echo to beat of music. strobe in slow motion. black and white shot fade to the beat of mus
Ut to dj lauren in humble mode.

Voice 6, female: dirty little twat. you remind me of my ex. hello, oh it's you yeah alright, have
you got the right bloody colour this time, only I don't want my hair deep pink again. I want a d

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