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Versuri Fall - Hit the north, v3

trimise de GeoshikaGeoshika.

Hit the north
Would you credit it, bradford, town name
We're just savages
Computers infest the hotels
Cops can't catch criminals
I think what the hell, get some! get some!
They're not too bad, they talk to god
They're just savages, they're just savages
Hit the north

You can't get a break on the estates, but what the heck, it's great
[...] it's north west north middle south east etcet and so forth
Those big big wide streets
Those useless mps
Just savages
Hit the north
Will ya hit the north
To all the boys and chicks, hit the north

The government say estate agents alive complain
Hit the north
Manacled to the city, manacled to the city
And all the lights are pretty
Striker! mitherer!
Hit the north

Now this is the truth, go forth, go forth,
In the reflected mirror of delirium, of victoria's lager,
The induced call, mysterious, comes forth - hit the north

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