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Versuri Fall - God box

trimise de Dydy2113Dydy2113.

Mes: it's good that one innit. what is it?
Bes: it's something I'm working on
Mes: right

Couldn't handle, had to be
I turned on us tv
Early empires sleeping, pacific time frame
Redhead skinny with back leg-brace
He danced behind a singer
Who sung just like God box

God box
Gimme God box
I say God box
God box, early
Tube stop, lazy
Cut off, early
God box
Gimme God box
I said
God box
Narco tube stops
Gimme God box

I was taken under the sea
The water coming in over me
I'm gulping water under the lake
Oh my God give me sleep, inundate


Thousand evils indefinitely
Wonb shapes by a cold sea
At 9, uk time
We dropped off before God box documentary

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