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Versuri Fall - Glam racket / star

trimise de Razvan2288Razvan2288.

It's a good life
Bowing to a tyrant
The rocks in spain
Look like the ones round the lochs in the highlands
On or on the continent
Spirit response
Call me al from the uk
Glam wreck

You say that you're a star but i don't give a f***k
I watch your head expanding as you're running out of luck
I feel empty
Cause baby you suck me
I feel empty
Cause baby you suck me clean
Go feast on someone else
Cause charity ain't my scene
I feel nothing
Cause it's nothing you make me feel
Go shine on someone else
Cause your act has lost all its appeal
So glam racket
Glam racket
Glam star racket

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