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trimise de GratyelaGratyela.

Stop eating all that chocolate
Eat salad instead
In fact, you're a half-wit from somewhere or other
Why don't you bog off back to xanadu in ireland

Glam rick

Don't try to cheat me
I'm fragile
You hang around with camera crews in shell-suits
You lecture on sweets
You read viz comic

Glam rick

You are bequeathed in suede
You are entrenched in suede
Glam rick
You've got celluloid in your genes dad
You are glam rick
You've cut my income by one third
You are working on a video project
You hog the bathroom
And never put your hand in your pocket
Glam rick
You're glam rick

You're paging the [malagna] in spain
But can't read between the lines
Your price, cut down is amazing
You're one of the best songs I've ever heard by stephen king
Glam rick
Your clearasil produces richthofen rashes,
Sideboard-like on mountains
Clearasil is in conjunction
Shadrach, the shock
Glam rick
You post out sixty-page computer printouts
On the end of forests
All the above will come back to you
And confirm you as a damn pest
Glam rick

You're glam rick

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