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Versuri Fall - Enigrammatic dream

trimise de Jupiter3Jupiter3.

Mes: modernity. moderninity, water lane 01715599 dream sat may tents and tomatoes at blackpool where
jimmy bloomfield has been brought back to host jousts in moderninity. one of the many footbal
Unds that have been converted to hold this revived sport.

Voice 1: from today and forthwith, jousts at moderninity

Mes: joust in moderninity. charred landscape, watching the female bouts at the beginning on the tent
bedecked terraces I exclaim out aloud "it's too drafty in here, those girls will certain
Tch their death of cold" and shoved to left by bearded steward but every movement my companion
catches reprimands me. I am completely deaf so cannot gauge my own voice volume.

<at various speeds>

The large tomatoes and gold and beige striped tents plunked on brand new soccer terracing seem to
symbolise a clean shaven (city) new decadence. the lancashire northern western quarter had seeme
Materialise overnight, it's citizens plump, voyeuristic. slowly they watch every movement by anybody
or anything. I bless my uncanny ability to blend. my friend matthew is not so lucky, his wife
Me at last from hospital. it is his first day out (in weeks) always energetic he too shouts and is
obviously thought drunk, (borrowed/followed) a massive decrepit jaguar car. <tape cut> so
Terracing seemed to symbolise a new clean shaven but chip greasy new decadence. the lancashire
northern western quarter seemed to materialise overnight it's citizens plump, voyeuristic, slowly th
Tch every movement.

There is no reason to this. this makes new york look athenic. for lnwq read (romandy) for the east
read sparta.

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