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Versuri Fall - Dr buck's letter

trimise de HhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhhhh.

I lost my temper with a friend
Marked him and treated him with rudeness
And though I tried to make amends
Feel I miss him and walk a dark corridor

Woke up one morning
Doctor buck's letter
Of my own making, I walk a dark corridor of my heart
Hoping one day a door will be ajar
At least so we can recompense
Our betrayal of our hard worn/won (?) friendship
In vulgar and arrogant abeyance
To what was untrue underneath our parlance

I open the envelope, doctor buck's letter
Re: welfare benefits reports

J. mccarthy, approximately 10-15 days
I got down, I was depressed.
It was doctor buck's letter.

Turn the radio on

Doctor buck's letter
Cheer myself up
Put the radio on, get the magazine out
And read about the ¡®essence of tong'

I never leave home without:
1 sunglasses: I wear them all year around, and seem to need them more often, it's a habit
2 music: cassettes cds
3 palm pilot: it's my lifeline I think it's my p. a. 's computer, she rules my diary and I download
4 mobile phone
5 amex card; they made such a fuss about giving it to me but I spent more time getting it turned

I was in the realm of the essence of tong.

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