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Versuri Fall - Cary grant's wedding

I said shut up
Everybody go cary grant's wedding

Champagne hip hip hooray
Thank you folks for coming today
How much was the price of the dodge?
Sure it's worth a whole lot more

I said go to cary grant's wedding
All you folks and fools
Cary grant's wedding

All you folks and fools
Have been invited to
A new-wave personality
Stumbles out of the ruins
Cos he's been invited to
Cary grant's wedding

Buster keaton he turned up
He wasn't a woman
He didn't take hallucigens

A poor mate for cary grant
Slaughterer of innocents
Add on 30 years
And you've got jake burns
Joe strummer

All you're going to
Cary grant's wedding
A new-wave hollywood
Where everybody's good
But not great

Cary grant's wedding

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