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Versuri Faithless - Mass destruction

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my dad came into my room holding his hat
i knew he was leavin, sat on my bed told me some facts
son, i have a duty callin on me
you'n your sister be brave my little soldier
an don't forget all i told ya
you're the mister of the house now remember this
an when you wake up in the mornin give your mama a kiss
then i had to say goodbye
in the mornin woke mama with a kiss on each eyelid
even though i'm only a kid, certain things can't be hid
mama grabbed me, held me like i was made of gold
but left her inner stories untold i said
mama, it'll be all be allright, when daddy comes home

whether long range weapon or suicide bomb
a wicked mind is a weapon of mass destuction
whether you're soaraway sun or bbc1
misinformation is a weapon of mass detruction
you coulda caucasian or a poor asian
racism is a weapon of mass destruction
whether inflation or globalisation
fear is a weapon of mass destruction
whether halliburton, enron or anyone
greed is a weapon of mass destruction
we need to find courage, overcome
inaction is a weapon of mass destruction

the skin under my chin is explodin again
i'm gettin stress from some otherchildren, i'm holdin it in
we takin sides like a politician an if i get friction
we get to fightin i defend my dad
he's the best of all men
an whatever he's doin, he's doin the right thing
it's frightening, but it makes me mad
why do all these people seem to hate my dad?
an if that aint enough, now i got these spots
i go to sleep every night with my stomach in knots
and what's more i hear mama next door
explore the radio for reports of war
and all we seem to do is hide the tears
seems like dady been gone for years
but he's right, now im geared up for the fight
an he would be proud of me
if my daddy came home tonight


my story stops here, let's be clear
this scenario is happenin everywhere
an you ain't goin to nirvana or far-vana
you comin right back here to live your karma
with even more drama than previously...
just how many centuries have we been waitin
for someone else to make us free
an we refuse to see, that people overseas suffer just like we
bad leadership and egos unfettered and free
who feed on the people they're supposed to lead
i don't need good people to pray and wait
for the lord to make it all straight
there's only now, do it right
'cos i dont want your daddy leaving home tonight

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