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Versuri Fabolous - If they want it

[Verse 1]
F-A-B-O, L-O-U-S
F-A-B-O, L-O-U-S
I don't understand how niggaz insist to knows bout
How we spend car money to glist our rollz out
Play bars and buy the Cris and Moes out
Flash benjies just to twist the hoez out
Fabolous the one from the Menatti Mix
Known to have more kicks than karate flicks
Slim nigga in a big body six
Wit enough doe and pull to gotti fixed
If I wasn't rappin I'd have a??
Down south in a town you never heard before
Dealin wit weight Columbians would murder for
?? cats I keep burnin' for furthermore
I'm the nigga every freak press be in a sleek s
That'z gon need week rest after greekfest
Jump in private jets just to sneak west
Bet these calico shots rip through ya weak flesh

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