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Versuri Fabolous - Gotta be thug

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Yo, Fabolous strive for digits, even connive to get it
Niggas can't tell me nothin' dun, the 5 is kitted
for Dead Presidents any cat alive can get it
I walk around covered in ice like I survived a blizzard
got enough chips to bribe you wit' it
pay off security at clubs, get my guns and knives admitted
I'm the type that gets tried and aquitted
if my vibes ain't wit' it I pull the Four-Five and spit it
then niggas run to the precinct and describe who did it
come home and find the necks on their wives are slitted
I got niggas on my side comitted
to leave you and the driver splitted
with your brain spilled inside your fitted
Fabolous, the only way to I. D. him is in a Five BM
puffin' sticky green 'till my eyes be slim
operate with more chips than IBM
f***k with me and make the news at Five PM.

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