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Versuri Fabolous - Get smart

[Verse 1]
I like'em brown, yellow, Peurto Rican or Asian
Who have the weekend occaison
Sneak in the Days Inn
I'm never tweakin' of haze an frequently blazin'
Now if they ain't on ya face it ain't the cheeks that i stay in
Cant deny it, Used to take weeks and persuasion
Now I just be lookin' down at these freaks in amazement
With a girl, The first thing I peep a notice
Is how full her lips is and deep her throat is
So you ain't gotta be perfect
I'll buy you whatever you want, But your heads gotta be worth it
Still what I mean is
Your brains gotta send chills through my p****s
'Til I feel like a geinus
Look at it from a playa's postition
I got a scholarship, I get smart without payin' tuition
My classes be like two three hours
That's why I'm the smartest young guy since Doogie Howser

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