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Thug in the street - versuri Eve |
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Versuri Eve - Thug in the street

I be the D-R-A-G dash ya niggas foot slim
cuz bullets make your feet fast
we throw babies in the trash
Drag don't play with little gats
crib like McDonalds nuttin but Big Macs
and quarter pounds
bitch place your order now stay in line
I only f***k with broke niggas
that stright depend on crime
you straight p***y so f***k your a*s cap
cuz in jail they'll put your cap where
your a*s at you a*s black
projects thats where Drag at
yea ya got heart
but if I don't got my gun
thats where ya gonna get stabbed at
boy as a young I never grabbed that toy
Drag was taught to grab that and ask
"where the cash at"

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