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That's what it is - versuri Eve |
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Versuri Eve - That's what it is

They usually hate her when she comes around
Huh, first lady mobbin nigga hit the ground
Next break into that who we what a sound
Heads boppin, never fails once the Doc's around
Hatin the fact that she do things on both sides
But never disrespect two rings round both eyes, right?
Lady like in many ways
Because in trust I can be crazy like on any day
Some do they dirt but best believe in time they pay
Do believe in lettin s***t chill til the promised day
Huh, seems they just fade away
I love it cuz them clowns they just paved the way
Left it wide open got no time to play
Mad cuz s***t changed got no time to stay
Considered snobby then just hate me I don't give a f***k
Considered sloppy to me you just need to give it up...

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