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Versuri Eve - Eve of destruction

Eve of destruction rocks the nation
Eve of destruction rocks the nation
(scratches and beat comes in)
You niggaz capitalize on lies surprise open your eyes
Baby girl from Illadel hear to enhance your lives
Doubted my skills bet you mad now shoulda snatched me up
I'm in L. A. now with Dre now
Ain't comin' back cuz I'm stuck
Had enough of all the bulls***t and sellin' me dreams
Had enough of fake cats tryin' to shine off these schemes
But I'm laughin' last, down to get this cash with the Aftermath
You happy being local superstar showin' ya a*s
I'm talkin' mo s***, but how you politickin' moves an'
I crept to the top, shouldn't-a let me catch you snoozin'
Me and my management team, laughin' at you while we cruisin'
Cuz we ain't got nuttin' to do none of the choices you be choosin'
CHORUS It's the eve of destruction, tracks I be f***'
Cats be fascinated by the styles I be bustin'
Got you niggaz open, got you niggaz lustin'
Knockin' emcees on they backs causin' lyrical concussions (2x)
(Reggae melody) I wonder who, which one a dem a carry news
An' a gwan like set, they wan dis-dis ya crew
But the lie, other emcees dem ready die
When we grab the microphone and praise his like Sela*sie
Me say me walk like walk like a champion
Talk like a champion
Emcees try fi test but dem no ready fi di outcome
Guard your windows, close your doors
F***k that, hide your pens and lock your jaws
Dig that? My verbal skills should be against the law
You wit' that? Now light a spliff for the hip-hop cause
Lemme hit that, smell the fear, you made me attack
You caused your own extermination not knowing how to act
I thought I warned you not to make me mad
You just wouldn't listen
Now you hidin' and duckin', prolongin' your hip-hop lenchin'
Talkin' s***t got in too deep and huh...
Caught you niggaz sleepin' huh?
Feelin' real f***d up cuz you couldn't catch me creepin' huh?
You little bustas make me sick wit' the dumb s***t
Spreadin' rumors like business
Can't turn my back on none a ya'll
Probably wind up in stitches
Jealous itches ya'll can't scratch, irritate your existence
Tryin' to teach your way in this race
Knowin' you can't go the distance
Runnin' up against the thoroughbred outlastin' you all
No matter how you train gon' set your self up to fall
Cuz I got stamina, I go as long as you need
Coulda seen a million bitches rhyme but you'll remember me
I be the... new choice of the rap generation
You know my name nigga, basically you my creation
Not greater than the average man but I'm top choice
Kill competition when they listen just by the sound of my voice
CHORUS (2x) to fade out

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